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  • Cameron Finlay

Why You Need To Be Noticed

If you are providing a professional or other service, content of communications is so important.

This is so especially where the service among providers is virtually indistinguishable from the competition.

This is not a list of “don’ts”, we’re not striving for perfection but for effectiveness in communication. Perfection is a very big hurdle and hard to display all the time (even for me).

Of course, better is better, but that is not a good reason never to send a newsletter or update a web site, or communicate with a prospective or existing client:

1. Nobody will die from Bad Marketing

Some jobs are life and death, surgeons, pilots, etc. Marketing though is about being vaguely correct.

About the most damage you and me can cause is writing ‘me’ and not ‘I’, or using a preposition to end a sentence with. Even then, few will probably notice.

The worst marketing mistake is to be invisible.

2. You will know more than you realise you do.

Most people assume they are not as capable as they really are. So, if you have a lack of belief in your ‘expertiness’ (don’t look it up, trust me), get over yourself.

You will know way more about the problem and the solution(s) than most who see the newsletter. Start writing and see what happens.

3. The Knowing is in the Doing

You can shape it all you want on your desk, but remember we’re not after perfection, and it’s not until the world sees it that you get interest, feedback, traction, visibility and even leads (Boom Boom).

The Bottom Line

This content is a presentation of you, original, unique and even opinionated, and so a great way to stand out from the pack.

Just do it! (This sounds like a great trademark!). The only cost of failure is having to do it again, another way, or another approach.

You’ll get better, faster, and become comfortable at seeing deserved results. All it needs is to be regular and make a genuine effort to understand and explain situations, challenges and solutions. People buy from people, especially those they know, like and trust.

Cam Finlay (Arnold & Finlay Accountants & Planners Pty Ltd)

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