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  • Cameron Finlay

The Ubiquity of AI

I read an article a few days ago about Open Al, and how the writer prepared an article for publication in 30 minutes, something that normally required ‘a few days’ for him. It was on investment matters and was pretty informative although if a little verbose, but overall a good article.

So, the fuss about Al might be misfocused.

It’s easy to point to a computer-created document and find defects. I would naturally expect people to be more inspired or creative.

I don’t think that the real impact of Al will be that it regularly and consistently produces something better than people.

The impact will be that it is widespread, cheap, and always available.

Search for something and you could get a ‘Wikipedia’ page, just for you, or brainstorm variations of a solution to a problem. No coaches or advisors, everywhere, all the time.

Its ubiquity may be one of the quiet changes we rarely see coming.

Advice seen on a Facebook posting

Why don’t the 99% of us who aren’t offended by everything, quit catering to the 1% who are?


An 11 year old girl born in Iran and living in Oxford achieved a Mensa IQ score of 162, 2 points more than Einstein. (Genius level is 140).

Computer joke

A priest, a minister and a rabbit walk into a bar. The bartender asks the rabbit ‘What can I get for you?’ The rabbit says “Just a straight carrot juice. I’m only here because of Autocorrect”!

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