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Stumbling in the Dark 

Our first meeting for 2024: is not this week, but next week, February 1st. Don’t forget to bring your Referrals and Closed Business from over the break.

Stumbling in the Dark (apology to Bruce Springsteen)

Learning is complicated. While we’re trying to learn, it’s easy to imagine that those around us are completely sure of themselves, moving forward with total confidence.

Consider a fast-growing business or anywhere where things are happening all the time; you’ll quickly see that just about everyone is really stumbling along, often with dumb luck carrying them forward.

That’s part of the deal.

Watch your Paranoia

I look at last year; I went through some deep s**t. What did I do to deserve that? Why is the world out to get me? But why would it bother me? The world hardly knows I’m here!

There are unjust and unfair systems, even perhaps those who hold a grudge. But, most of the time and in most situations, what happened did happen, and our part in it is mostly up to us.

It’s not personal; it’s the way it is; the system doesn’t consider us. If we pay more attention before we begin, the system might become glaringly obvious.

When things don’t go the way we hope, the easy alternative is to focus on the problem and criticise the system. A better alternative is to determine how best to deal with what we get rather than look for a villain or gremlin creating problems, especially for us.

“What do you Do?”

Standing out from the pack is important. A big part of that is how you describe yourself and your work.

However, you shouldn’t be too unusual, especially if your explanation needs an explanation because that could just confuse the marketplace.

It’s fine there may be more than one description or name. It’s not just names though, it applies to how people think of you and describe what you do to others.

You can tell them what you want them to hear and remember. But, don’t be too complicated or confusing, or use descriptions they don’t use. That matters a lot.

Because in the word-of-mouth, the referral-based system in which people like us operate, your ability to be remembered and mentioned at the right time and by the right people (that is, people who are looking to do business with someone like you) is entirely a function of how you are talked about.

Watch for three big problems:

  • Nobody will remember it. It’s too complicated and hard to understand what you do.

  • Nobody is actually asking or looking for it. Look up “Coach” and look up “Enhancement Development”. Which do people mostly search for?

  • Nobody understands it. The words might make sense, but because they’re unusual or don’t trigger an immediate connection, you have to keep explaining that ‘Enhancement Development is a bit like a Leadership Coach’. So, back to where we started.

The bottom line – 

There are extraordinary benefits in a niche, a narrow focus that sets you apart based on what you do, who you do it for, or how you do it. Start by defining yourself, “I’m a leadership coach who develops charisma for service business owners”. (Based on many conversations, I know there is a huge need for this!)

Please start with the words already in use and put a spin on it from there.

Kindest regards,

First Class Networking

 Business Networking Gold Coast, Australia

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