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  • Camron Finlay

More than Just Advertising

I’m not an advertising expert, which is really just one part of marketing. Advertising can be gratifying, ‘See ad, click/check ad, go to web site/shop, buy!’.

It would be great it if were that simple. It also says nothing about kickstarting a campaign; the budget, testing responses, following guidelines and standards, and the upward trend of ad spending due to market saturation.

So, ads can be great, but only when they’re used the right way and when you’ve performed the work needed to run a well-planned campaign. Simply, ads aren’t the answer, they are just a tool, a piece of the greater picture.

Social media, paid ads, etc., put you in the hands of Meta and so conforming to their way of doing things. It is necessary to take back the power and build a business not dependent on ads.

What are the three Components of a successful marketing program?


Simply getting people to notice you. You’re creating awareness of something interesting or important. Ads can be useful but use also content to show expertise, email and affiliate programs to show databases, podcasts, etc.


Once you have their attention, the goal is to connect and create a relationship that makes them feel comfortable buying from you. This could include sales pages, email sequences, brochures, and social media, all of which means the prospect is being nurtured.


Even if this person did not purchase, they have shown interest in some form. They might not be ready to purchase, or never buy but they may refer someone to you. This material to keep their interest includes emails, Facebook, podcasts, blogs, etc.

Ads are an important piece of a market strategy but they are only one piece of the bigger picture.

It takes time and effort to make the process work, and that means all three components are needed.

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