About First Class Networking 

Who We Are

First Class Networking is a group of Gold Coast business owners and managers from all industries, seeking to generate sales, grow their business and gain new networking connections. The group meets weekly to network with other business owners in the area and build working relationships that last. These connections then lead to quality referrals which generates profit, helping each businesses to grow, expand and learn.

Through passing on quality referrals, the group can ensure the success of each business. Each member is committed to bring in new business for fellow members, and in return others will pass on referrals that will generate business for them. It's simple logic, businesses helping businesses grow.

What We Do

We take one member from each industry and get together once a week for breakfast to network, share contacts and referrals and listen to presenations on popular business subjects. 

First Class Networking provides a supportive, friendly and respectful environment where everyone can feel welcome and comfortable. We encourage Gold Coast business owners and managers to join us and see first hand the benefits of getting out of your comfort zone and networking with other business people just like you.


Mission: Our mission at First Class Networking is to bring members of the business community together to make connections, form relationships and gain quality business referrals. 

Vision: Our vision is for members of the business community to come together through First Class Networking resulting in growth in our businesses leading to growth in our economy. We believe anyone can be successful and together we can help each other to obtain it.

Values: At First Class Networking we value

  • Learning: We all have something to learn from each other. Be open to learning new ways to make your business thrive.
  • Sharing: We share contacts in order to help make connections that lead to business growth.
  • Supporting: We provide a supportive environment where everyone can feel welcome and safe.
  • Positive Attitudes: We value bringing a positive attitude to the table to enable our members to gain the confidence to expand and grow their business.
  • Engagement: With First Class Networking, you get out of it what you put it. We value constant and consistent engagement from our members.

Upcoming Events

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