Tips for Honing Your Inner Networking Superstar

We all know that the thought of networking can be a bit uncomfortable to say the least. Meeting lots people, countless handshakes, explaining your business over and over until you feel like a tape recorder... you know the feeling. The trick to being successful at a networking event is simple: Be yourself and relax.

If you go into an event feeling relaxed, confident and open your results will be MUCH better than if you go in dreading event. People tend to pick up on these subtle feelings of dread. So, to help you bring out your inner networking superstar we've put together some tips to get you the best results.

1) Take your business partner or a friend with you.

Often times we will feel more comfortable having someone we know with us. Your business partner can help you in areas you may lack in such as public speaking, and by taking a friend you are gaining a wing man. Choose a friend who can offer support, but also compliments your personality and knows a fair bit about your business.

2) Leave them with something to remember you by.

This method is sometimes employed in interviews. The interviewee may wear bright colors, or have a shining anecdote to go along with their responses. Leave the group with something to remember you by; your winning personality, an appropriately themed joke, or come up with some great questions for the group before the event. If you are memorable, chances are you will make more connections in the long run.

3) Find a way you can help them.

Forget about going into a networking event trying to sell, sell, sell. What you should be thinking is how can I help, help, help! Ask each business person you meet if there is an area in their business where you could help. Thinking about what you could do for another business will show others that you are a genuine person who is thinking about them. This will get that first impression you need to set the table for further discussions, emails and phone calls.

4) Loose the tape recorder approach.

Repeating the same thing over and over again will not only wear you out, but also the people around you. Don't think about the quantity, think about quality. So instead of repeating your spiel to 50 people, think about having meaningful conversations and making connections with half that number instead. This is where your winning personality will shine. The goal here is to make a great connection that will open you up to new business opportunities.

Follow these tips, and you are sure to gain some valuable business connections. Just remember, everyone is there for the same reason: they want to meet other business people just like you, so relax and let your inner networking superstar take over!


How Can Referral Networking Help You?

What is referral networking? What can it do for me and my business? Why should I get involved?

These are a few of the many questions that pop up when businesses are looking into referral networking.

Referral networking happens when you meet with other business people with the sole purpose of promoting each other's business to their contacts and social groups. It is a type of word-of-mouth marketing where you rely on your fellow group members to drum up some new business for you.

Each member of the group searches for quality business opportunities for other members of the group through their contacts in the community.

Say you are a wedding planner and you join a referral networking group. You have a bride-to-be who is in need of a caterer. You know a great caterer who is in your networking group, so you simply refer your bride to that caterer. It's that easy!

This creates an exceptional cost effective way for businesses interested in creating a steady stream of referrals which will ultimately increase sales and profit.

In terms of networking, it's simply meeting with other business people just like yourself for discussion, support and advice. Each week the group meets for a relaxed breakfast, focusing on ways to grow each other's business. It is a great way to meet other local business owners who are often in the same boat as you!

Networking has been proven to be one of the most successful ways to grow businesses. It opens up new opportunities for you, that maybe you otherwise wouldn't have. Through being introduced to other business people you are exposed to things like, joint ventures, opportunities to speak or do a presentation and so on.

Referral networking combines these benefits of networking with the added advantage of the group bringing in a steady stream of referrals for one another. 

Joining First Class Networking means taking the first step to bringing in new business, learning valuable business skills, building lasting relationships, and having a little fun along the way!





Business Spotlight:
Bloomtools & Nicole Balchin

Everyday Nicole walks into the office with a smile on her face that is just contagious. She's the kind of person you would have a hard time being in a rotten mood around. The greatest thing is, is that the smile on her face is genuine; you just know she loves what she does and wouldn't have it any other way.

Her day starts with a few customer calls, helping everyday business owners understand how to update their websites, or maybe send out an email marketing initiative. You can tell by the tone in her voice, and the ease of her words that she really wants her customers to succeed at what they are doing. Whether it be something as easy as updating their address on their website, to something as complex as building a whole new website from scratch.

Empowering her clients to be able to know what they are doing is important to Nicole. She works really hard to ensure that whatever she is helping with, her clients know who, what, where when and why. This is the main difference between Bloomtools and other online marketing and website development companies. It doesn't matter how many calls or email her client needs to make, she's always on the other end happy to help.

Not only does Nicole want her clients to have the know-how to manage their web presence (with the help of Bloomtools of course), but she wants their business to succeed and grow as well. Everyday she helps clients shed light on why they can't seems to get new clients, or point them in the right direction for a business move. Strategizing to help businesses grow and succeed is a big part of what Nicole and Bloomtools does for their clients.

Nicole's extensive involvement in the business community allows her to keep her business knowledge up-to-date and competitive. She spends time building relationships with other business people to form connections and learn from them along the way. This knowledge transfers into the many ways she can help her clients business be profitable and grow.

As a multiple business owner herself, Nicole brings first hand knowledge to the table to aid businesses in knowing what they need - even if they aren't aware they need it. Nicole and the Bloomtools team have the skills and the knowledge to make the vision you have for your business a reality.

Every afternoon when Nicole heads out to a meeting or home to her family, you know that she has done everything she could to make a difference for her clients business that day. She's just that kind of person.



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